Get to know Gimpy

Gimpy was hatched on October 28th, 2012 and is a proven male white face cinnamon pied cockatiel. Gimpy came from a home that felt it could not provide him with the same socialization that he was given whilst living with a breeder and came to me in March 2017. He was semi-tame when I got him and then trained by me to wear an Aviator harness. He enjoys going out to the park on warm days and loves to sing all day to anyone who’s listening. He may have a splayed right leg and missing part of his left outer hind toe but that doesn’t stop him from loving Pearl with all his heart.

Gimpy is one of the 2 remaining cockatiels out of the 9 that I’ve owned and a father to one chick (Turkey) who was kept by her breeder. All the cockatiels that are or were in my care: Pearl, Sweetpea, Bella (RIP), Jack (RIP), Jet, Jewel, Molly, Baby & Gimpy.