Mango (Peach-Fronted Conure)

Get to know Mango

Mango was hatched in 2010 and is a close banded DNA sexed male peach fronted conure. Mango’s story is kind of like something you’d read in a book. He was first purchased from a breeder in Ontario the year he was hatched by a young boy who always wanted a feathered companion and after a lot of research, found that a peach fronted conure was the best fit for him. The breeder had two siblings he could pick from and when he went to meet them, he knew as soon as he met Mango that this was the bird for him.

Three years passed and the boy’s life had changed so much that he knew he wasn’t giving Mango the life he deserved and decided to give him to the Pets Unlimited store where he worked, in hopes his co-worker friends could find Mango an amazing forever home. Mango stayed at that store for a few weeks before being transferred to a different location where a lovely couple took him home.

After a few years passed, the boy fell in love with a girl (that’s me!) who loved animals just as much as he did and told her the story about Mango. He told her how much he loved him, the fun life they had together, how much he missed him and how he regretted rehoming him instead of trying harder to make things work. After hearing this story I made it my mission to find Mango and give them the opportunity to see each other again, even if it was only for a short visit. Sounds impossible right? I thought so too until the day I saw a peach fronted conure for sale on Kijiji in October 2017.

Immediately I started cross checking photos from the ad with photos that he had of Mango from years ago and I was 99% sure it was the same bird. I sent a message to the owner but never got a response and a few days later, the ad went down. It was kind of a bummer but at least I knew Mango was still in Nova Scotia and if he was for sale once, there’s a possibility he would be again. I was right because 6 months passed and the ad showed up again! This time with a phone number so I made sure to call as soon as I saw the ad. The lady said I could pick him up in three days and I was so excited to surprise him with his long lost companion (after talking it over with him the first time Mango popped up for sale). I called the lady back the night before to receive the address I would be going to and that’s when my heart sank. She told me her husband refused to sell the bird and that they were going to keep him…

After having my hopes crushed twice, I gave up on the idea of ever being able to buy back Mango and moved on. I felt bad for disappointing my boyfriend but I also accepted the fact that I did my best and nothing I did or said could bring back Mango. That’s when after a whole year passed, the ad went up again. I left a quick voice message and a few hours later left a more detailed Kijiji message in hopes I would get a response in one way or another. That evening she got back to me and we messaged back and forth for the rest of that night. At the end of it she told me to meet her at a highway exit in three days where I would follow her to the house from there. I was so excited, I had to tell my boyfriend it was finally happening and he seemed just as excited as I was! That’s when everything fell apart again… I got a call at work and it was her, she told me her husband was upset that she wanted to sell Mango and that he promised he would take Mango out of the cage more if she agreed to keep him.

That felt like the final blow to a KO and although I stayed calm on the call, I broke down in tears once she hung up. Although she said things would likely not improve in the long run, I had no hope I would ever hear from her again. That’s when my luck seemed to change… Less than a week later I got this call and to my surprise, it was her?! She asked if I still wanted to buy Mango (of course I said yes) and told me how things didn’t improve and she wanted what was best for the bird. It was very fortunate timing because it was my day off work and I was able to drive up to the valley to pick him up that day! My boyfriend had a not so great day at work that day but once he saw Mango, his face grew into a big smile and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his own eyes.

Just over two weeks has passed when I wrote this and Mango is doing so well! He’s coming out every day and is being loved to bits by everyone in the house. This just goes to show that if something is important enough, never stop trying to make it happen. It took a year an a half for me to bring Mango back to his original owner and although there were very hard times during all of this, seeing his face when he saw Mango again was worth all of it.