Ozzy (Red-sided Eclectus)

Get to know Ozzy

Ozzy was hatched on August 10th, 2015 and is a male red-sided eclectus. Ozzy’s owners were traveling a lot and didn’t have time to care for him anymore. Friends of theirs decided to take Ozzy and care for him but unfortunately due to their limited space and amount of other animals in their care, they had to start looking for a new home for him. I contacted them quickly after his ad went up online (in July, 2018) and went to see him with Elmo five days later. After meeting him, looking him over, grooming his beak and nails, and trying a harness on him, I offered a fair price after seeing his condition and living situation and went home so they could contact his owner. Without any word the next morning, I messaged his foster family and put forth a new offer including his cage (which I did not plan to buy previously) and it was instantly accepted as long as I could pick him and his cage up that day. An hour later, I left to drive back there and picked him up.

He was tame when I got him and then trained by me to wear an Aviator Harness and Avian Fashions hoodie. He’s the baby of the flock and knows it! His big eyes and cute “hi Ozzy” voice makes anyone want to pick him up and give him all the attention in the world. He charms everyone who meets him on walks and makes sure to show off his candy corn beak while asking everyone for a kiss! He’s been such a wonderful addition to the LifeWithParrots flock and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to provide a forever home for him.