Get to know Pearl

Pearl was hatched in April, 2012 and is a proven female cinnamon cockatiel. Pearl is the first bird I ever owned and she came from a Pets Unlimited store in April 2013. She was parent raised and never handled; so, it took me almost two years of daily interaction to gain enough of her trust for her to step up. After that breakthrough, she knew my intention was not to hurt her and soon she became trained to wear an Aviator harness and Avian Fashions FlightSuit. A few years later in 2017, she also started to wear an Avian Fashions FeatherSweater and hoodie. She enjoys going out to the park on warm days and loves to play with earrings when she’s sitting on your shoulder. She is the reason I’ve adopted so many other parrots and why I offer services to other parrot parents.

Pearl is one of the two remaining cockatiels out of the 9 that I’ve owned and a mother to one chick (Baby) who I unfortunately had to re-home along with 5 others due to allergies. All the cockatiels that are or were in my care: Pearl, Sweetpea, Bella (RIP), Jack (RIP), Jet, Jewel, Molly, Baby & Gimpy.