Mango (Peach-Fronted Conure)

Get to know Mango

Mango was hatched in 2010 and is a close-banded female (laid eggs) Peach-Fronted Conure. She originally came from Ontario and adopted by my boyfriend, many years before I met him. He gave her the world and when huge life circumstances changed, it broke his heart to rehome her. When I met him in 2017 and introduced him to my flock at the time, he told me that he also had a bird who he had to rehome and how much he missed her. That’s when I made it my goal to find her and reunite them, even if it was just for a short visit.

Long story short, it took over a year and a half, multiple attempts to adopt Mango which resulted in last-minute backouts, and a lot of heartbreak every time plans were canceled but after seeing his face when he saw Mango again, it was worth all of it. I could tell she remembered him too as soon as she saw him because she went from this quiet, confused bird, not knowing what was going on, to this excited, chirping, happy girl who couldn’t wait to hop on his shoulder and snuggle into his face!

Mango just loves him and always flies to the front of the aviary whenever he enters the bird room, greeting him with happy chirps and kissy noises. All she wants to do is hang out with him all day and whenever she’s with him, you better watch out because no one’s taking HER man lol! She loves to cuddle, and get her head rubbed, and will make herself the center of attention by flying onto your shoulder every time you walk into the aviary. She’s such a sweet older soul and after the not-so-perfect life she’s had, she deserves all the head rubs and attention she wants.