Mittu (Indian Ringneck)

Mittu was hatched in 2016 and is a close-banded female Indian Ringneck. I met her in 2019, along with her two flock mates, Chitti and Potti (Cockatiels) when their owner contacted me about boarding them for two years. Agreeing to board birds for such a long time was not an easy decision and I almost turned her down but in the end, I knew that if I was in the same situation, I’d want my birds to stay in a safe place while I was away too. So in September 2019, I picked up all three of them and brought them home. It took a while for Mittu to get used to me and for the first four months, she was not a fan whenever I had to come near her cage to clean her dishes and fill her food or water. Luckily she did come around eventually and now seeks my attention by flying onto my shoulder whenever I enter the aviary, so she can start kissing my face and play in my hair.

After a year and a half of boarding, their owner decided to allow me to rehome Potti and Mittu or keep them myself. Unfortunately, Chitti had passed away from a seizure, about a year into their two-year boarding but, thankfully Potti did find a wonderful home with another female cockatiel. In the end, I decided to keep Mittu because she isn’t overly dusty (unlike Cockatiels) and we’ve grown to like each other quite a lot since she arrived. I was never planning to adopt another bird in to the flock and I didn’t expect their owner to give them to me either but, sometimes things work out when you least expect them and I’m thankful that this worked out as well as it did. It doesn’t mean I’ll gladly adopt more birds who are offered to me, however, I’ll always offer to give them a temporary place to call home until their new forever home comes around.