Elmo (Solomon Island Eclectus)

Get to know Elmo

Elmo was hatched on July 14th, 2012 and is a male solomon island eclectus. He’s been a huge life changer and has taught me a lot about parrots, just from caring for him over the past 3 years (he was adopted on November 7, 2016). His previous owners were going through a lot of changes and it was causing Elmo to barber his feathers due to stress. When she brought him over for the house visit, I felt a “click” with him and knew he was meant to live with me. It’s difficult to explain how I knew, but those who have experienced that “click” know what I mean.

He was tame and semi harness trained when I got him but before two weeks passed, he was trained to wear his harness without any fuss and additionally trained to wear Avian Fashions FlightSuit. A couple of months later in 2017, he also started to wear Avian Fashions hoodies and that expanded to snuggies, ponchos and other adorable costumes.

Elmo loves going everywhere he can when it’s warm enough, whether it’s at the park, on a car ride or in a pet friendly store. He really enjoys interacting with little kids on our park walks or taking selfies with people he meets during his adventures. I can’t say enough good things about this incredible boy, he’s changed my life in so many ways and I can’t imagine life without him.