Josie (Hyacinth Macaw)

Get to know Josie

Josie was hatched in 1998 or earlier and is a female hyacinth macaw. After years of ethically breeding parrots, Josie’s owners decided to start reducing their breeding flock and among the many other adults being rehomed was Josie. I always dreamed of someday caring for a hyacinth macaw and when I saw her listed on their website, I had to inquire. I called a few days after initially seeing her on the list of birds for sale and after learning everything I needed to know about her, I decided she’d be a perfect addition to the flock.

I had waited almost a month before having her flown to Nova Scotia from Ontario so I had enough time to properly prepare for my first large bird. When I picked her up on September 22nd, 2018 I got the surprise of a lifetime. Soon after arriving home, I found out that she had cataracts in both eyes and was completely blind on her left side. She could see shadows on the right side but it was likely she would loose her vision completely in time. Thankfully the breeder was very understanding of the situation when notified and was willing to refund a portion of her adoption fee. A month later I also found out she had a fatty tumor and had to have that surgically removed! Definitely not something I had expected when adopting my first large bird but she has taught me so much since bringing her home in 2018, I couldn’t care less that she’s blind or had a tumor.

Although I never expected my first large bird experience to go as it has, she has the most gentle and kind personality that I’ve ever seen in a bird, which speaks true to hyacinth macaws being “gentle giants”. I’ve learned a lot in the first year of caring for her and I couldn’t imagine life without her. I know in my heart she was meant to have a home here and I hope I’m able to care for her for many years to come.