Get to know Pearl

Pearl was hatched in April, 2012 and is a proven female cinnamon cockatiel. Pearl is the first bird I ever owned and she came from a Pets Unlimited store in April 2013. She was parent raised and never handled; so, it took me almost two years of daily interaction to gain enough of her trust for her to step up. After that breakthrough, she knew my intention was not to hurt her and soon she became trained to wear an Aviator harness and Flightsuits (birdie diapers) from Avian Fashions. A few years later in 2017, she also began to wear little sweaters and hoodies from Avian Fashions. Now in 2019, she’s become their new Avian Fashions website model for their junior size hoodies!

Pearl has an amazing personality and is so friendly that I can hand her to anyone who wants to hold her when we go out on walks to the park. Shes one of the reasons I fell in love with birds and also the reason why I can never wear jewelry when shes out as she loves to play and chew on it!